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Getting started can be intimidating, time consuming, and expensive. Forget all that. At Get Site Go, we will do all the get starting for you. Stop stressing over getting started. We'll do that for you, in just a few days.

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You have that idea that’s been lingering, or maybe you have a website already but you need to start over on WordPress. Anywhere in between, we can help. We are affordable and can get your new site up and running in a few days.

It’s simple. We set you up with hosted and supported website to showcase whatever it is that you do. Anything from your local business to your new blogging platform. If you don’t already have your domain name, that’s ok, we will throw that in at no charge. Your new website includes an amazing WordPress theme that is pre-installed, configured, and ready to go. We will set up the necessary pieces to get you on your way.

From there you chose one of our two support plans. Our websites make it so that you can carry on without our help. We will always be here to fix bugs and support your website, but it’s up to you if you want us here to help with content and design updates.

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Ready?Get Site, Go!


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We have a simple two-step selection process, just select your support and your website package. Both packages will give you an amazing responsive website that looks great on all devices, whether it be a laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or anything else.

1) Select Support

(You’ll actually select this when submitting info)


You’ll get a custom domain name & email address, and your site will be hosted and supported. Any bugs are taken care of at no cost. While you’ll be able to do most content updates on your own, any design or content updates will be billed hourly.



You’ll get everything in the “Simple” plan, including domain, email, hosting, and support.

You’ll also receive up to 5 free simple design and content updates per month!


2) Select Website Package


Select from one of our many templates. We’ll get it all set up for you with your logo, colors, and images. We will then show you how to use your brand new site so you can populate all the content however you’d like!


Let’s Go!


You tell us your vision, show us some examples of what you like and we’ll take the website from start to finish, and teach you how to make updates if you’d like.

Starting at $3,000

Let’s Go!


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